Ceiling spray in progress. All areas are masked.

Sterling can offer an affordable and effective way to transform dull and tired ceilings. We are able to bring ceilings back to good as new with our bi-directional spray restoration. We can spray all types of ceiling tiles from standard acoustic mineral, MG plasterboard types and metal tiles. Not only can we spray ceilings in white but any other listed RAL colour. We can also black out ceilings. All this for a fraction of the costs associated with a new installation.

  • - All types of ceiling restored

  • - Non-bridging formulation (Will not make the tiles stick to the ceiling gridwork)

  • - No reduction in acoustic properties

  • - Class "0" fire rating

  • - Work carried out at a time to suit you

  • - All fixtures, fittings and stock are professionally masked

  • - Large areas (500m2 and over) completed in one shift

  • - No bleed through of nicotine, soot and smoke damage. The paint has built in stain block.